Old Cullipool

Old Cullipool


The Luing connection.

 It was in a battle on Luing that the would-be murderer of St Columba is said to have met his well  deserved end. It was known it seems, that this wicked man, one Lamh Deas - had sworn to kill St Columba. Knowing that he would have the chance on a particular day to carry out his threat, a monk, Findlugan by name, quietly  abstracted and put on St Columba's mantle, that he might die in his stead. The ruse was so far successful that Lamh Deas attacked Findlugan with his spear but the mantle became as a coat of mail, turning back the thrusting blade, and Findlugan was unhurt. One year later to the day, St Columba told his monks that the man Lamh Deas "Who so far as he was able, killed Findlugan in my place, is himselfe being killed at this very hour". And so it was, he being the only man harmed in  a fight between two warring factions on Luing.

 Taken from, "The Inner Hebrides and their Legends".

by Otto F. Swire.