Old Cullipool

Old Cullipool


Sunk,October 24, 2011

26 October 1936 on the nearby Island of Belnahua off the Isle of Luing. The Latvian ship Helena Faulbaums was wrecked on the rocks with 16 of the crew being drowned.  It is in Kilchattan Graveyard that the seamen are buried. The tragic event led to a lasting friendship between Luing and Latvia, symbolized by the church furniture gifted by Latvia which is in regular use at Kilchattan Church.



  The Benghazie

                                                            Charles Bevan
The Bengahzie (Benghazie) A Fleetwood steam trawler was returning from Iceland Fishing grounds after a trip plagued by bad weather causing damage to structure and loss of one boat, put into Oban to replenish supplies. Then set sail for Fleetwood and soon after midnight running through Firth of Lorne was caught by northwest gale and driven onto Bogha Nuadh rocks. Thirteen crew abndoned in remaining boat but the bung was missing and started to fill with water, Ships second engineer of the Bengahzie , Charles Bevin plugged the hole in Lifeboat with his hand for two hours and saved the lives of his Comrades  but lost own life. The Bengahzie had a crew of 7 14 of them reached Luing safely, 3 of the crew got ashore on Fladda and were taken of as soon as weather permitted. 
The crewmen on board the Benghazi on this trip were John Anderton, C.F. Whiteside, T. Anderton, H. Clark, C.H. Bevan, J. Swingler, A. Skeggs, R.G. Dunn, L. Barber, W. Gladwell, H. Hewitt, F. Duncan, A. Roberts, R. Rawlinson, H. Bailey and G.S. King.
Deckhand Frank Duncan remained on board the trawler and was lost
Accounts vary as to who or how many were lost.

Archaeological Notes

NR71SW 8004 c. 729 123
N56 14.9 W5 40

NLO: Fladda [Lighthouse]: [name: NM 720 123]
Sound of Luing [name centred NM 721 099]
Firth of Lorn [name centred NM 69 19].

Location formerly cited as NM 7188 1486 [N56 14.9 W5 41].

Steam Trawler BENGAHZIE (could be a mistake for BENGHAZI?), of Hull, master John Anderton. Bound from Oban to Fleetwood. Lost 23 Apr 1947, 1155 BST. A reef 2 miles south west of Fladda, about 2 miles from Fladda Lighthouse. Wind westerly force 7, sea rough. Cause of wreck, 'fresh gale'. 1 lost, 16 saved. Cargo 500 boxes fish.
[Contemporary] source: Fladda Lighthouse.

This wreck lies on the W side of Fladda in about 10m depth of water.
G Ridley 1984.


Argyll Shipwrecks

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